Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Statement of Intent

This is the inaugural post for the SnargleQuest dev log.  "SnargleQuest" is the working title of a roguelike game I started making as a hobby project in August 2011.  Having played RPGs and roguelikes for much of my life, I've got many ideas about how I'd like to see things done better or differently.  It is my hope to create a game that is both fun and a working demonstration of exciting new ideas for the genre.

Some of my top-level desiderata include:

  • Dungeon levels with meaningful structure, connected with generated puzzles and quests.
  • A system for skills and progression that avoids artificiality and maintains fun.
  • Generated narrative content that feels like a story.

Based on some initial prototyping and percolation of ideas, I have some inroads for all of these aspects and more.  I'll make separate posts shortly on these aspects, to avoid making too large a wall of text here; I'll try and get some teaser screenshots up pretty soon as well, once the game is at a point where there's some visible evidence of the above (at least some of which is true now or not too far off).

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