Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tunnel Vision

The hallway routing fun continues, and I threw the center-on-player thing in.  This would be going faster if I were less lazy (not the "good programmer" kind of lazy) and set up some automated tests.  But that would make it more like work, and I'm enjoying my hackish hobby ways.  Anyway, it's coming along:

There's a bounding box problem cutting off those hallways you see, for one.  Also, halls still abut one another and cut through rooms where they shouldn't, doorways are often diagonal and shouldn't be, the room layouts aren't evenly distributed, and the whole thing is dog-ass slow.  Who's training these monkeys, anyway?

Next episode, I hope to clean up enough of this stuff to make it passable enough so I can move on to playing with locks and keys.

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