Sunday, July 29, 2012

On the Questing Path

My work to integrate the quest generation prototype into the game proper has come along a good way, and afforded me the opportunity to tighten up some bolts and introduce useful infrastructure.  I unified and rearranged the UI, and re-routed all the text output through the event system (so now I'm not passing output stream handles around everywhere, which is nice).  The event system has also provided a nicely succinct way to handle quest goal satisfaction, since different goals are satisfied by different sorts of occurrences; the trigger sites can simply fire an event like "picked up item" and move on, without needing direct plumbing to the goal that cares about it.

Right now I've got basic (trivial, really) rescue and fetch quests working, along with a "unite the 6 pieces of the broken fooble" variant.  Each one I do sheds clear light on areas where the infrastructure needs to grow, so I plan to continue on into a number of these until they start to feel less useful.  Hopefully by that time the system will have enough working combinatorial pieces to make some emergent magic happen.  In any case, that should still keep me busy for a while.

I'd like to extend a nod to Lenna's Inception, a project I came across this week that has a lot in common with SnargleQuest; both are roguelike games (though LI is not turn-based, but a realtime action RPG strongly derived from Zelda) with gameplay based on procedurally generated lock-and-key puzzles.  I'm excited to see another developer exploring this space, and hope to see great things from that project.  I encourage you to check out the demo, released in June.

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